What is Blessings Buddies all about?

Blessings Buddies are sweet little elf friends that can be used as an alternative to the Elf on the Shelf® holiday tradition. Instead of acts of mischief, Blessing’s Buddies encourage and perform acts of kindness.

Write notes from these Buddies to your children each night, teaching a lesson of compassion or initiating an act of kindness – bake cookies for the neighbors, go visit grandma with flowers, or donate gifts to the less fortunate – this is a sampling of the hundreds of ideas for using these elves as a Holiday tradition with your kiddos.

We love the idea that these elves can help build character and compassion into our children, while making sure that the holidays are full of wonder and magic. Children will love searching for and finding their elf friends. We hope you’ll name them, love them and use them year after year.



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