100 Acts of Kindness for Kids

We know that in the hustle and bustle of the holidays the idea of adding ONE more thing to your list of “to-dos” is totally overwhelming. To ease your mind and make your Blessings Buddies a little bit more of a joy, and a little bit less of a burden we’ve compiled the ultimate list of acts of kindness for you to do with your kids!

Some are SUPER easy and even things you can do at the very last second because “oh crap it’s almost bedtime and we haven’t done ANYTHING today besides survive” and some are a little more intentional.


  1. Bake your favorite cookies and deliver them to your neighbors
  2. Say three nice things about each family member
  3. Donate clothes and/or toys you no longer use to charity
  4. Choose your favorite canned goods at the store to give to the local food bank
  5. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru
  6. Call a long distance family member just to say “hello!” and to tell them you love them
  7. Meet a new friend at school
  8. Smile at someone who looks down
  9. Go for a walk and pick up litter
  10. Do one of your siblings chores
  11. Help pull weeds
  12. Water the flowers
  13. Offer to help an elderly neighbor with yard work
  14. Wash your mommy’s car (inside and out!)
  15. Learn about a local charity and donate to their cause
  16. Make a meal for a family with a new baby
  17. Buy a special toy and donate it to the church nursery
  18. Make a thank you note for your bus driver
  19. Leave sticky notes with kind words on a public bathroom mirror
  20. Take the dog for an extra long walk
  21. Make daddy’s favorite food for him for dinner
  22. Buy a gift for a long distance friend and send it to them as their “secret santa”
  23. Pack a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child
  24. Talk about three things you feel thankful for that aren’t “things”
  25. Leave a candy bar in the mailbox for the mailman (with a note so he knows it’s for him!)
  26. Invite a friend to the playground
  27. Compliment someone you see at the store
  28. Set the table
  29. Pick out a card at the store, just because, and send it in the mail
  30. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  31. Leave holiday candy and little notes on the windshields of cars at the mall
  32. Bring needed supplies to the local animal shelter
  33. Tell a funny joke to someone
  34. Make a bird feeder witha pine cone and peanut butter
  35. Bring a box of donuts to your local library for the librarians
  36. Bring your teacher a coffee
  37. Tell your principal something you love about your teacher
  38. Color pictures for members of the military
  39. Surprise grandma, by dropping by with her favorite treat
  40. Create baggies of simple supplies to keep in the car, so you can give them to someone asking for help on the road
  41. Read a book to a younger child
  42. Visit a nursing home, and bring along a board game to play
  43. Leave heads up pennies on the sidewalk during errands today
  44. Plant some flowers in a pot for the front door
  45. Let someone go in front of you in the checkout line at the grocery store
  46. Make holiday decorations for your church or temple
  47. Put money in the Salvation Army bucket, and thank the bell ringer for volunteering their time
  48. Invite a new friend over to play
  49. Make a yummy treat for your Sunday school teacher and deliver it with a hug
  50. Give stickers to other kids you see while out and about
  51. Go to the pond and feed the ducks
  52. Write a love note for mommy or daddy and leave it on their pillow
  53. Order a pizza for delivery to your local fire station
  54. Shovel your neighbor’s front walk
  55. Brush the snow off of a neighbor’s car early in the morning
  56. Color a picture for someone you love and send it to them in the mail
  57. Choose some herbs to keep in a pot
  58. Smile and wave at the people in the car next to you at every stop light today
  59. Set up a lemonade stand and donate the money
  60. Write kind words on the sidewalk with chalk around your neighborhood
  61. Put on some music and help mom & dad dust the house
  62. Pay the bill for a veteran or active duty service person in a restaurant
  63. Make Holiday cards for deployed soldiers
  64. Plan, make and serve a special meal for mommy and daddy
  65. Take some books out at the library and return them with kind words on sticky notes hidden in the pages
  66. Paint kindness stones and scatter them around your local park
  67. Make a chemo care kit for a child going through chemotherapy (a great opportunity to teach your kids about cancer and chemo!)
  68. Offer to help and elderly person, or pregnant woman load their groceries into their vehicle
  69. Tell your teach a couple things you have learned from them this year and say “thank you for teaching me!”
  70. Buy some flowers at the farmers market and pass them out to others one by one
  71. Read a book on the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation’s book list!
  72. Leave unused coupons next to the correct products in the grocery store (bonus: life-skill building as your kids find the products)
  73. Any time you think something kind about someone today, say it!
  74. Say 5 kind things about yourself today
  75. Learn about a new culture today and make a list of cool and different things about that culture
  76. Write a letter to your future self that is encouraging and uplifting. Put it away to open at a future date.
  77. Start recycling in your household
  78. Bring a big beach ball to the pool or playground and share it with other kids
  79. Write a nice note for your waiter and waitress and leave it on the table for them when you leave (and make sure mommy and daddy tip!)
  80. Give gatorade to your garbage man
  81. Bake cookies for your babysitter and drop them off at their house
  82. Clear your dishes and load them in the dishwasher without being asked
  83. Mail a bar of chocolate to the secretary at your church (be sure you only do this in colder climates/months!)
  84. Make a photo book to think about and be thankful for all of the special things you did this year
  85. Make colorful signs to hang in the windows in your car to make other drivers smile
  86. Buy a candy bar for the cashier at the grocery store
  87. Pet your dog or cat for an extra long time today
  88. Pick up garbage and bring some Lysol wipes to your local playground to clean up any sticky messes for others
  89. Make mom or dad a special decoration for their desk at work
  90. Buy some travel size toiletries and bring them to a homeless shelter along with warm blankets and coats you no longer need
  91. Make ornaments for your Christmas tree
  92. Plan a special day at home with fun activities to do as a family
  93. Order takeout and sing carols for the delivery person when you open the door
  94. Make a list of people or situations you want to pray for and pray for them each morning at breakfast time
  95. Ask for forgiveness right away when you make a mistake today, and say “I forgive you” if someone does something wrong to you
  96. Attend a local school sporting event and cheer loudly for athletes by name
  97. Bring flowers for a cousin or sibling and give them a bouquet after their school holiday concert performance
  98. Clean up and organize your toys and select a few to donate while you’re at it!
  99. Choose a special picture to have printed and framed for mom or dad
  100. Donate coloring books and boxes of new crayons to the pediatric wing of a hospital.

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