How do I order a pair of Blessings Buddies?

Blessings Buddies are sold exclusively through Amazon! We love Prime shipping as much as the next family with kids. You can find them here on Amazon.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Send us an email at and we'll help in any way we can.

Do Blessings Buddies come in any other colors or races?

Not for 2017. But keep an eye out! We're expecting some fun changes heading into 2018.

How do I clean our Buddies?

Blessings Buddies are spot clean only! Try to keep them out of the tub! We know it will be tempting for your kiddos to bring their Buddies everywhere.

How do I introduce the Buddies to my kids?

We recommend introducing your Buddies to your kids in the morning. Set them up someplace near the breakfast table with a little note introducing them to your kiddos. Invite your kids to give their Buddies names (check out our blog post for some name ideas!) and introduce the "special acts of kindness" concept. Check out our "How does Blessings Buddies work?" page for more details!